God’s Warrior Side

Posted by on Jan 30, 2012 in Thought for the Day | No Comments

Its a sad truth that todays society seems to want safe and demure men.When God created man, he seemed to think it best to fit man with his warrior side. The part of his character that will consume injustice, stand up for what is right and generally not tolerate evil. So its a sad reality that to many men today have lost their warrior side and like many a wild cat become domesticated. There is a famous quote by a wise lady that says “We have taken the Lion of Judah, clipped his claws and made him a house pet for pious old Ladies”. If we too as men carry God warrior side much like Jesus, then we too should have a rugged side, people should feel safe but also know that there is a Lion lurking under the skin ready to pounce and fight whenever called on. Every man should have an element of ROAR in them. Sadly we have stripped most of this back and neutralised real men and made them nothing more that token monuments of a time past.