One of the projects supported by HGBC is The Mumvuri  Project.

The Mumvuri Project was formed in 1995, in Banket, Zimbabwe by a group of local Christian women who were concerned about the number of orphans in the community due to the Aids pandemic.  The orphans, although being housed by their extended family, were not going to school and their caregivers were struggling to provide for their basic needs.

In the first 5 years of operation the project received generous donations from local farmers which included finances, fresh vegetables, maize meal, etc.  The project grew rapidly and needed a place of its own to operate from.  The Rural District Council Authority was approached and a large piece of land was offered.  This land was developed and in a short time two large classrooms were built along with the kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Through the generosity of our donors the project was able to sink a bore hole and to purchase a pump in order to readily access clean water.  This meant that the project was also able to grow its own vegetables, plant a variety of fruit trees and keep the garden watered all year round.


Objectives of The Mumvuri Project

  • to provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the orphaned children residing in Banket and surrounding farms
  • to assist the extended family in caring for orphaned children by assisting with essential food parcels whenever possible and offering programmes  enabling them to be self reliant
  • to find long term shelter and care for orphans with no extended family or who are unable to remain within extended family  for reasons of abuse
  • to assist orphans to access primary, secondary and tertiary education and to obtain birth certificates and identification documents
  • to promote recreational facilities and activities for unemployed youths in the area
  • to enable orphans,  vulnerable children and their care givers who are terminally ill, to access information, care and support
  • to promote adult education by offering the use of the crèche facilities during evenings to educationalists for a small fee
  • to mobilise the community to have the capacity to be involved in protection and caring of orphans and vulnerable children in their area through advocacy work, access to income generating projects
  • to promote and assist in funding self help schemes which will develop the financial independence of the individual and / or family
  • to promote the psycho–social well being of children and families in difficult circumstances through the provision of counseling services and other related psycho-social services.


How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can support our work…

  • Pray for the work we are doing, for our children, programmes, provision, protection, workers at the Project.
  • Communicate – a word or words of encouragement will boost our morale and give us the strength to keep pressing forward even during the difficult times
  • Financially – your support will help the Project to pay for basic operational costs, school fees, medication, stationery, uniforms and other needs as and when they arise.
  • You can also sponsor an orphan.  Sponsoring a child is a unique way to support our Mumvuri Project work on a personal level. Through sponsorship you help to cover the costs of food, clothing, education and vocational training for one of our children.  Sponsoring a child helps you to develop a personal relationship with the child that you will be sponsoring through letter writing and you may also take the opportunity to visit our Project and meet the child you are sponsoring.
  • Volunteer and come and display your skills and gifts – volunteering can be for a day, a week, a month or even a year.  You can bring your skills and help us to build and develop the centre and playgrounds.  The buildings always need a coat of paint and we are keen to receive any suggestions for improvement and development.
  • Organise a fundraising activity on behalf of our Project.


  • Uniforms for our primary and secondary children
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Bibles and hymn books
  • Musical instruments such as guitars, violins, drums, keyboards etc
  • Christian movies
  • Stationery, books, etc
  • Library books
  • Food for food parcel distribution
  • Volunteers who can come and work with us for a period of time
  • Paint and other building materials
  • Computers
  • Sports kits and equipment
  • Toys
  • Financial support for school fees, operational expenses and medication
  • A vehicle for the project
  • A water tank